Edmonton Homebrewers Guild

Roxy Hastings

Roxy Hastings joined the EHG along with Neil Herbst of Alley Kat in 1988, back when the meetings were hosted by Don Moore at Strathcona Brewing. Roxy was alway a very active and passionate club member. She served on the board for a number of years and in various positions including president. Roxy was largely responsible for getting the current inter-club competition going and for getting BJCP judging and training established through the club. She even hosted the first exams at her house. Roxy was always keen on promoting homebrewing and to that end she organized homebrewing classes along with Geoff Kuziw and me through Edmonton Public continuing education (until someone there decided that brewing beer in elementary schools was bad optics) and then through the U of A at the Devonian Gardens. Speaking of the Devonian Gardens, Roxy at one point convinced them to try growing hops, and I think some are still growing wild along the north fence. Probably lesser known was that Roxy was involved in the planning for Alley Kat. She and Neil took a short course at U.C. Davis and then travelled up and down the US Pacific Northwest to talk to every brewery and brewpub that would talk to them. Roxy passed away in 2016 at the age of 59. Today our annual Iron Brewer competition is held in her memory.

This year, the Roxy Memorial Iron Brewer will be taking a different approach. This year, we will compete to showcase a special ingredient: Loomis. This presents a challenge to the competing homebrewers to find a style to really allow this ingredient to shine. Bring your submission to the April 6th meeting @ Alley Kat. What are loomis? Most commonly known as Black Limes, they are dried limes widely used in Middle Eastern Cooking. They add unmistakable tartness and citrus flavours. To use them, simply puncture the lime a few times with a fork and allow to simmer or grind to a powder in a spice grinder. They can be purchased at Silk Road on Whyte Ave, in Edmonton. Results and scoresheets will be provided at the May 4th meeting.