2020 Competitions

Cowtown Yeast Wranglers Roundup

Yeast Wranglers

Registration: Entry Closed

Ales Open


Registration: March 8th - April 9th

Vanbrewers Brew Competition


Registration: TBA - May 5th

Because Beer Craft Beer Festival

Because Beer

Registration: TBA - May 8th

Edmonton Homebrewers Aurora Brewing Challenge

Aurora Brewing Challenge

Registration: May 1st - May 29th

Members of Barleyment and Beau's Oktoberfest


Registration: TBA - August 2nd

Winnipeg Brew Bombers Pro-Am Challenge

Brew Bombers

Registration: TBA - October 15th

Saskatoon Head Hunters


Registration: TBA - Oct 31st

GTA Brew Slam

GTA Brews

Registration: TBA - Oct 31st