Club Only Competitions

Heritage Classic 2020

With the pandemic still shadowing all our lives, we know there are some pretty creative brewers just itching to get to the next brewing experiment, not to mention all of the competitive folks who are climbing the walls given the state of the Brewer of the Year circuit. So, the EHG Executive has put together a challenge, one we would like to call, "The Heritage Classic!"

Rules are simple: Brew a historic beer. Seems straightforward, right? It is.

Show us your best Grodziske, Lichtenhainer or Sahti and don't think you're limited by the BJCP list either. Found an ancient Heather Ale recipe worthy of the poems written about them? Brew it! Discovered what the Tzar's personal guard drank before every battle? We want to try that!

Our Discord channel will have a section for Heritage Classic discussions, so please feel free to chat about what you've found or to get some guidance or inspiration. Cool brew-day pictures are absolutely encouraged.

Submissions will be accepted from October 1st to 8th. Please package 4 bottles (in case we need to socially distance judge again) and prepare them for a no-contact drop off (Details & Location TBA).

Results will be announced in Early November 2020.

All submissions MUST include the name of the brewer/brewers, a brief description of the style and optionally the story about how you decided to brew what you did.

Do be aware, this is a GUILD-ONLY competition. All participating brewing teams must be members in good standing.

Also, some ingredients in historical recipes are now known to be toxic. Please avoid poisoning the judges. If you aren't sure, please include a list of ingredients with your beer.