Thanks to all who participated in the Aurora Brewing Challenge.

There were 647 entries judged and 175 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyle
1stCory DayThe Srp29C: Speciality Fruit Beer
2ndCory DayCzech Mate 23B: Czech Premium Pale Lager
3rdDamian WatkinsLahgah1A: American Light Lager

Best of Show (129 Participating Brewers)

1stCory Day
** Best of Show Participant **
2ndChelsea Tessier1511014
3rdMarie-Annick Scott3020011

Tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology.

Best Club (23 Participating Clubs)

2ndEdmonton Homebrewers Guild23416
3rdGTA Brews1229

Tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology.

Winning Entries

Table 1: cat 13 (25 entries)

1stAlex CochranAmerican Amber Mk219A: American Amber Ale
2ndChelsea TessierWhite Rabbit Red Ale15A: Irish Red Ale
3rdHaroun AboudCommon #119B: California Common
HMCory DayCletus27A6: Kentucky Common

Table 2: cat 6 (8 entries)

1stMark VerokInto The Abyss2C: International Dark Lager
2ndCory DayHomer2C: International Dark Lager
3rdAlex CochranAngel of Death8B: Schwarzbier

Table 3: cat 1 (29 entries)

1stDamian WatkinsLahgah1A: American Light Lager
2ndChelsea TessierSylvester and Wheaty1D: American Wheat Beer
3rdCory DayHellcat27A7: Pre-Prohibition Lager

Table 4: cat 2 (36 entries)

1stAlex CochranHelles Mk24A: Munich Helles
2ndRobert DoerksenGolden Sea Maibock4C: Helles Bock
3rdJoey CaronPilsner de Course5D: German Pils

Table 5: cat 3 (12 entries)

1stCory DayCzech Mate 23B: Czech Premium Pale Lager
2ndAndrew Sookram
Co-Brewer: Dan Simpson
2 Liner Pilsner3A: Czech Pale Lager
3rdJay AvrettPils To Purge Melancholy3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager

Table 6: cat 4 (12 entries)

1stJoey CaronDoppel Two9A: Doppelbock
2ndClayton HoyEis Eis Bockby9B: Eisbock
3rdCaitlin Bailey
Co-Brewer: Clayton Hoy
That's Why You Always Leave A Note9C: Baltic Porter

Table 7: cat 5 (27 entries)

1stCory DayCzech Please3C: Czech Amber Lager
2ndAlvaro ReyesSomething To Taco'bout7A: Vienna Lager
3rdMarie-Annick ScottFrau Perchta3C: Czech Amber Lager

Table 8: cat 7 (15 entries)

1stDustin BanksEmperor's Hef10A: Weissbier
2ndChris PottsDunkel What Now?10B: Dunkels Weissbier
3rdMarkus EbnerSweet Weiss of Mine10A: Weissbier

Table 9: cat 8 (25 entries)

1stCory DayGolden Pony12A: English Golden Ale
2ndAlex CochranWot, the Curtains???11A: Ordinary Bitter
3rdBradley DodgeAnfield Kop11C: Strong Bitter

Table 10: cat 9 (36 entries)

1stChelsea TessierShe's So Blonde Ale18A: Blonde Ale
2ndCory DayAnkletwister V118A: Blonde Ale
3rdAndrew TurbaOff the Hop Pale Ale 18B: American Pale Ale

Table 11: cat 10 (19 entries)

1stGreg ZeniukKok-Eyed-Cacao13C: English Porter
2ndNick HodowskyTall Puddled Martyrs 13C: English Porter
3rdHaroun AboudChocolate Porter20A: American Porter

Table 12: cat 11 (33 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottHipster Brown's Retro Ale13B: English Brown Ale
2ndDustin Banks
Co-Brewer: Marie-Annick Scott
Overachiever's Mild13A: Dark Mild
3rdNolan ReimerBack Trail Brown Ale19C: American Brown Ale

Table 13: cat 12 (8 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottNuggle14A: Scottish Light
2ndChelsea TessierShe's So Light14A: Scottish Light
3rdCory DayScottish Heavy of Justice14B: Scottish Heavy

Table 14: cat 14 (52 entries)

1stAndrew TurbaBlackout Imperial Stout 20C: Imperial Stout
2ndChelsea TessierOn the 13th Day Imperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout
3rdChelsea TessierBlack Beauty16D: Foreign Extra Stout

Table 15: cat 15 (52 entries)

1stTrevor ArmstrongNot Just Anyipa21B: Specialty IPA
2ndGreg ZeniukMiss Vicky21B: Specialty IPA
3rdJason Mathis
Co-Brewer: Neil Garvey
Summit Session21A: American IPA

Table 16: cat 16 (20 entries)

1stCory DayOld As Mold17B: Old Ale
2ndRyan DhillonLeather Bound Books22C: American Barleywine
3rdTrevor ArmstrongBarleywin17D: English Barleywine

Table 17: cat 17 (52 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottThe Kreiken23F: Fruit Lambic
2ndGreg ZeniukBrett the Hitman28A: Brett Beer
3rdMarie-Annick ScottStupid Sexy Flanders23B: Flanders Red Ale

Table 18: cat 18 (18 entries)

1stJennifer TurnerBeer Witness24A: Witbier
2ndChelsea TessierFrench Kiss24C: Biere de Garde
3rdEric PareWitty24A: Witbier
HMChad Takahashi
Co-Brewer: Jeff
Out of Your Wits24A: Witbier

Table 19: cat 19 (59 entries)

1stDan BronsonThe Trouble With Tripels26C: Belgian Tripel
2ndLuigi IserniaLni Blue Cap Dsa26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rdMike VandervoortMosaic City's Table Saison 25B: Saison

Table 20: cat 20 (45 entries)

1stCory DayThe Srp29C: Speciality Fruit Beer
2ndCasey Foster
Co-Brewer: Erin Boyle
Babin's Coffee Lager30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdGreg ZeniukCuc Dream30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 21: cat 21 (16 entries)

1stKevin Federko
Co-Brewer: Coty Raketti, Nick Fuchs, Neal Markewich
Black Thunder32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer
2ndJennifer TurnerOaky Dokey! 33A: Wood-Aged Beer
3rdTrevor ArmstrongOak Rasputin33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
HMSean KerryBeechwood Is My Natural Musk32B: Specialty Smoked Beer

Table 22: cat 22 (27 entries)

1stCurtis AllenDark Tea Lager34C: Experimental Beer
2ndFrederic GuayShaken Hibiscus II34C: Experimental Beer
3rdBenjamin LoewenWiney Hop Ale34C: Experimental Beer

Table 23: cat 23 (21 entries)

1stTj Tully
Co-Brewer: Adam Ivanusec
Creature ComfortC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry
2ndEric HussmannBaby Boy's Apple JuiceC1A: New World Cider
3rdNolan ReimerBlueberry BreezeC2B: Cider with Other Fruit
4thChelsea TessierDavidson's Orchard CiderC1A: New World Cider